Our philosophy:
We take time for your health

To go through life joyful and vital – that is what most people wish for. That is why we have become doctors. Because together with you, we want to find compatible and effective solutions when you come to us. We will listen to you carefully and take your wishes just as seriously as your concerns.

For you and for the well-being of all our patients, we have a wide range of treatment methods at our disposal. Thanks to the combination of classical medicine, naturopathy, homeopathy and psychotherapy, we can advise you and provide therapeutic support with competence and care. Of course, we will always inform you in advance about the respective service, the possible consequences and side effects as well as possible costs.

You can do a lot yourself to get and stay healthy. We will help you to do so.
We would be pleased if we could walk this path to a healthy life together.

Your doctors Dr. med. Hella Henke, Dr. med. Verena Gabriel and Dr. med. Eva Müller

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