Our team


Dr. med. V. Gabriel
Specialist in general medicine

  • Medical studies at the Medical Faculty of the Humboldt University Berlin
  • Practice at various locations in Berlin (nephrology, general medicine, surgery)

Dr. med. E. Müller
Specialist in general medicine, additional qualifications in naturopathy, homeopathy and psychotherapy (behavioral therapy)

  • Medical studies at the universities of Munich, Bonn and Cologne
  • Resident in internal medicine in Cologne, in surgery in Düsseldorf, in surgery in a DRK clinic in Berlin, in psychosomatic clinics in Brandenburg as well as practice in Berlin

Our nurses

Schwester Janine 

Physician assistant

Schwester Britta

Physician assistant

Schwester Nicole

Physician assistant

Schwester Zofia

Physician assistant


We are always looking for new medical colleagues. We would be happy to welcome you to our team.
Please apply by mail.

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